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During the first day of the Woman Impact Summit, a day dedicated to Europe, we had the pleasure of meeting different women who have been a source of inspiration and who are participating in EU programs such as COSME, as well as discovering success stories in Norway, the Canary Islands and other places at a European level.

We learned how multinationals like Google or SAP are integrating gender policies and internationalization platforms shown and women's funding tools.

Passionate experiences that will allow us to grow in knowledge and that we will continue to explore in the next sessions.


Fun English 4 Kids Tenerife

Jennifer Gomez teaches us that learning English in a fun way is possible. When a baby is born we don't give him/her a card to learn Spanish at home, but rather he/she does it in an innate way: Listening, assimilating and then reproducing it. With this method we get the child to learn as he would with his mother tongue: playing, using ASL,...


Julia Martel and her team faithfully believe that the judicial process to which minors, already victims of painful experiences, are subjected to, has to be suffered and diluted with positive emotions. Her dogs are the impartial tool to facilitate the hard trance they have to endure.

emprendeclub canarias

This project was developed in response to the need to create a group that supports female entrepreneurship in the Canary Islands. This word, together with woman, translates into an opportunity to change the personal and work context, improving the economy of the area and place where we operate.

smartleaf analytics

From "Smartleaf Analytics" they are experts in the integral management of hotels and apartments. Their objectives are to help investors, owners, developers and managers to automate key processes, optimize costs and ensure improvements in efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Etnonautas solves the internationalization needs of its clients, supporting them to overcome language and geographic barriers, through different services: - Software localization - Multilingual web development - Multilingual social media - SEO/SEM - Multilingual copywriting - Translations.



Immersion: Women Founders is a 12-week program for the development of skills of women selected from startup communities throughout Europe, including the United Kingdom and Israel.


#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative that allows women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.


A program from Santander Universities that will equip the next generation of women leaders with the training, tools and leadership skills needed to advance and succeed in leadership positions.


The Explorer program helps you experience entrepreneurship as a professional option. For 12 weeks, you'll work on your idea, transforming it into a solution that contributes to achieving the SDG 2030.


In 2015, Ayuda en Acción, with the collaboration of, set itself a challenge: to bring the world of science and technology closer to children and adolescents under equal conditions.

Some of our speakers said...

Verónica Sosa

Founder and CEO at SHE, Seminario para Hispanas Emprendedoras

"Together is better"

Gaute Hagerup

CEO Oslo Business Region

“The young women in Oslo still need to see their role model  in business”

Paloma Castellano

director at WAYRA Madrid (Telefónica)

"With less money to spend, women are achieving more than men"

Sara Costantino

founder OF emprendeclub

“Women can change the world”


In this second day of the Woman Impact Summit we have had the pleasure of meeting many women who are a source of inspiration and also discovering success stories in different African countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, Tanzania, Kenya, among others.

African governments have realized the entrepreneurial potential of their women and have begun to launch initiatives to empower African women.

 Experiences full of passion that will allow us to grow in knowledge and that we will continue to address in the coming days.


be in africa

Be in Africa NGO means the opportunity to exist, live, make possible, expand and share a better present and future. We build bridges to generate growth.

The African born does not have to be forced to leave his home to improve his social and economic situation (quality of life). This can happen if all of us work together supporting this cause through the different areas of our activities.

malkia foundation

Malkia Foundation supports women and girls in Vihiga County, Kenya, through initiatives that will generate independence and gender equality in their communities. 

Locally led by women leaders in their community, Malkia Foundation works to create a cycle of sustainability through local and international partnerships. Its programs range from empowering girls to building women's economic independence. Translated with (free version)


Zawadisha provides small loans to rural women in Kenya to help them finance their livelihoods. We remove barriers to rural women's access to energy and clean water products by eliminating upfront costs through an internal financing, distribution and training program.

Talanta resource center

Talanta Resource Center helps youth identify their strengths and natural gifts by providing them with a space to dream.

beyond suncare

Can you imagine that your own neighbors think you are a ghost? Or that a price is put on a part of your body? Or that your life expectancy does not exceed 30 years because you do not have a sunscreen nearby? Facing these questions and changing their answers is the main driver of Beyond Suncare

moringa for economic, environmental and social impacts

Established in Mali, Herou Alliance works in the production of moringa and is specialized in the commercialization of moringa products for local consumption and for distribution with regional and international exports (West and Central Africa, East and Southern Africa, Europe and the Caribbean and regions of North America and Latin America).



Santander BEST Africa is the first cooperation program for the development of Fundación Banco Santander, created to promote social and economic development through support for women entrepreneurs and their local environment.


Open Value Foundation is born from the joy of giving and the conviction that it is possible to eradicate poverty by building a fairer and freer world, opening opportunities for all people to develop their full potential and choose where in the world they want to be.

Some of our speakers said...

Khadi Yahya

Director of Training, Employment and Innovation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Mauritania

"The economic volume of businesses run by women is less than that of those run by men"

María Cruz Conde

Co-director at open value foundation

“Talent has no zip code”

Billie Sastre

Co-founder of Mamis Digitales

"Many women are parked at work when the company finds out they are pregnant"

Alesimo Mwanga

Executive Director, PAWA Africa

“Something of great importance that every woman should have when undertaking is self-confidence”


In this third day of the Woman Impact Summit we have had the pleasure of meeting many women who are a source of inspiration and also discovering success stories in different Latin American countries such as Colombia, Chile, Dominican Republic, among others.

We learned from venture capitalists, investors and financial institutions the main obstacles to women's access to financing and how to address them successfully.

Experiences full of passion that will allow us to grow in knowledge and that we will continue to address in the last session.


pretty busy club

Pretty Busy Club is an educational and mentoring startup with business tools for Hispanic women entrepreneurs with over 300 members in 20 cities around the world. Our focus is to support your business growth in a sustainable way with the right cured knowledge and according to your stage.

Educasex Academy

EducaSex Academy provides students in Mexico with the necessary tools to take care of their sexual health, as well as to have healthy relationships free of any kind of violence.

The EducaSex Academy team, made up of expert Human Reproduction Biologists, Gynecologists, Psychologists, Sexologists and Experts in Sex Education, will give formative talks on Sex Education for young people and educators both in person and online.

From the pre-adolescent stage to the adult stage, the team works to integrate the didactic program into formal education spaces.

Kámelli Té Gourmet

Elaboration of Tea Blend that mixes the varieties of tea with spices, herbs and dehydrated fruits 100 % natural. The tea produced by Kámelli Té Gourmet is inspired by the memories and pleasures of life. Live the experience of tea with original flavors, associated with welfare and emotion.

mamá ejecutiva - maex

Mamá Ejecutiva - MAEX enables women to access services, access employment opportunities and connect with people who add personal and professional value to women's initiatives.

This project helps promote personal well-being and professional happiness with services that will create an impact on their quality of life. MAEX allows its community to increase both personal and professional knowledge and skills while obtaining benefits and discounts through the MAEX network.

Vinos del Sur del Mundo

Vinos del sur del Mundo, a project of Fondo Esperanza, is focused on satisfying those clients who are looking for recommendations of good wines, in blends of products that fit the needs of the clients, according to the occasion, and composed by products of excellent quality. Vinos del sur del Mundo works with signature wines and boutique wineries throughout Chile.


Voy Contigo is a free mobile safety application for women, which aims to empower them in the face of gender violence by promoting sorority and empathy. The app allows women to send an alert to their trusted contacts and users who are nearby, report incidents, save safety zones, share location and much more.



Fondo Esperanza SpA is an entity created by the FMBBVA and the Fundación de Beneficencia, Ayuda y Esperanza (Hogar de Cristo) in 2011. Fondo Esperanza is a leader in the Chilean microfinance sector, and specializes in the methodology of Communal Banks, a modality that it is complementing with individual credit.


PROEXCA and MentorDay aim to help the internationalization of companies already consolidated in Latin America, facilitating access to the European and/or African markets thanks to the first European softlanding program dedicated to Latin American companies.


This program is aimed at Canarian women to support them through actions to strengthen the participation of women in international trade, with the main objective of increasing the participation of Canarian women in decision-making processes in the business and institutional field


Promoting gender equality and improving the status of women is not only a human rights issue, it is also a contribution to business growth and economic development

Some of our speakers said...

María Noel Vaeza

Regional Director, UN Women Latin America

“Investing in women's businesses can help us get through this difficult time”

Charlie Ruth Castro

Founder and Executive Director of Mujeres con Derechos Colombia

“Everything changes when one says to oneself I am powerful"

Cheryl Edison

CEO of Edison International

“It's the big problems that give us the drive to have a great business idea”

Constanza Boix

partner NudaProp

“The passion of what you do will make you understand that limits are mental”



The last day of the Woman Impact Summit has left us with wonderful interventions. We have had the pleasure of meeting many women who are a source of inspiration and discovering success stories in different countries such as the United States, Canada, among others.

We learned the critical role of communities in leading and empowering their individuals in entrepreneurship.

 Experiences full of passion that will allow us to grow in knowledge.


swim global project

Swim Global Project is committed to providing expertise in drowning prevention, program development and implementation practices, water safety training, design and audits. It also provides open water safety analysis and advocacy by supporting drowning prevention research and water safety initiatives worldwide.

Resurgo is committed to helping entrepreneurial women achieve their best through mental and emotional well-being. The Resurgo team is comprised of mental health, technology, and business experts who work to foster community among innovative, self-employed women.

dressmaking course

Together with AFRIMAC 2, Cape Verdean women have created a dressmaking course with the aim of empowering and encouraging Cape Verdean women to become entrepreneurs through professional training.

black families matter

Black Families Matter is committed to creating programs and resources for black families. Black Families Matter launched its first virtual Black Prenatal Care Group on October 1, and it has been a success.


Awaj Foundation is a grassroots labour rights NGO that assists over 740,000 workers in Bangladesh. As a women-led organization, addressing gender-based violence is a priority and empowering women is a main mission. During this crisis, Awaj is also giving aid to people in need.

better by letter

Better by Letter helps people reconnect in an authentic and meaningful way of communication thanks to artistic and design packages: high quality paper, envelopes, stickers, a pen, illustrated postcards and the building of a community. They also seek a social impact for women in situations of exclusion.

mujeres calvas

" Mujeres calvas" delves into the lives of women with alopecia who struggle for the normalization and visibility of their bodies. In a society where women are slaves to their image, their gaze is discovered as a unique cry for improvement, vindication and freedom.

Design off the boat

Design Off The Boat is a women's crew for all the women founders. They build smarter with Design Thinking, faster with Design Sprints, and better with No-Code. Their goal is to accelerate the impact time of your technology ideas.



Every year, Technovation invites teams of young people from around the world to learn and apply the skills needed to solve real-world problems through technology.


The full and equal participation of women in the economy is not only right, but also good for the bottom line. That is why the Government of Canada is promoting women's economic empowerment with the Women Entrepreneurship Strategy.


Business Women in International Trade helps open doors and create opportunities for Canadian women-owned businesses to successfully expand into global markets.


StartOut's mission is to increase the number, diversity and impact of the founders of LGBTQ+ and amplify their stories to drive the economic empowerment of the community

Some of our speakers said...

Karen Kennedy

Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Canadian Embassy in Spain

“Trade works best when everyone benefits from it”

Eugenia Pérez

Commercial Officer, Canadian Embassy in Spain

“Because when women succeed, everyone succeeds”

Carolina Darias

Minister for Territorial Policy and the Civil Service, Government of Spain

“Every conquest in gender equality is an advance in humanity”

Suubi Nambwayo

Associate at Oceanic Partners

“Even in the pandemic the money is there, we just have to be a little more cautious about investing”

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