The first edition of the Woman Impact Summit has concluded


internacionaliza mujeres

October 20th

First Webinar Young Professionals International Trade Itinerary

October 27th

Second Webinar Young Professionals Internship Abroad Itinerary

November 03rd

Third Webinar Young Professionals International Organizations Itinerary

November 16th

Fourth Webinar Women Entrepreneurs International Negotiation and Gender

November 18th

Fifth Webinar Women Entrepreneurs International Client Location                 

November 19th

Sixth Webinar Women Entrepreneurs PROEXCA Tools                                        


Women's Leadership Development is a completely free course conducted by The Voyage Inc. that will take place between December 01st and 11th.

The objective of this course is to develop the potential of women in leadership, so you will be given tips and useful tools to help your community, your company and your own professional development in leadership issues focused on women.