November 9 - 12



6 pm - 10 pm Madrid, Spain

5 pm - 9 pm Canary Islands / London

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1 pm - 5 pm Cape Verde

2 pm - 6 pm Mauritania / Senegal

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1 pm - 5 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 am – 3 pm Bogota, Colombia

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12 am - 4 pm Toronto, Canada

9 am - 1 pm San Francisco, USA PST time

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*USA PST time

MODERATOR: Marta Pastor, RTVE, program “Ellas pueden”

  • 09:00 to 09:15 - Welcome
    • Elena Máñez Rodríguez, Regional Minister for the Economy, Knowledge and Employment, Canary Islands Government
    • Ángel Víctor Torres, President of the Canary Islands Government
  • 09:15 to 09:30 - Conversation with...
    • Anita Traaseth, Member of the European Innovation Council Advisory Board (EIC) at European Commission & Chairman of The Executive Board at Startup Norway
    • Interviewer: Queila Delgado, PROEXCA Delegate for the Americas - Canary Islands Government
  • 09:30 to 10:00 - Panel: How to be an entrepreneurial woman and succeed in Europe? A vision of the different entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe, trends, programs and policies that are implemented to promote and support women.
    • Moderator: Ana Bujaldón Solana, President of the Spanish Federation of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs
    • Natalia Martínez Páramo, Head of Unit for the COSME programme at the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), European Commission
    • Verónica Sosa, Founder and Director of She Hispanas Europe
    • Carlos Navarro, Director of the Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and the Information Society
    • Gaute Hagerup, CEO Oslo Business Region
    • Paloma Castellano, President WAYRA Madrid (Telefónica)
  • 10:00 to 10:30 - Presentation of women entrepreneurs' projects
  • 10:30 to 11:00 - Workshop: How to improve your Elevator Pitch
    • Allison Rohe, Director Venture Lab (startup accelerator) IE University
  • 11:00 to 11:15 - Break: Networking
  • 11:15 to 11:45 - Panel: Access to Multinational Supply Chains. Multinationals are integrating a gender perspective into their procurement policies to promote diversity in the selection of their suppliers, as well as other programs to reduce the gender gap. We will discuss these programs with some of them and answer your questions about to access them.
    • Moderator: Patricia Fraile, Manager of the Technological Excellence Cluster
    • Patricio Martínez, Vice President of SAP Ariba Latin America
    • Ana Abade, Government Affairs & Public Policy in Google Spain
  • 11:45 to 12:15 - International initiatives: Connecting with the market. Several platforms which aim is to connect companies to the market, henceforth to connect buyers and suppliers, will be presented.
    • Moderator: Teresa Guillén, Founder Mujer Exportadora
    • Maggie Berry, Executive Director for Europe of WEConnectEurope
    • Anna Claudia Zaleski Mori, Partnerships Officer and Project Manager, ITC SheTrades
    • Carolina López, Coordinator of the Women's Initiative Connecta Americas, Trade and Investment Division of the Inter-American Development Bank
    • Hulya Kurt, President of OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) Lake Geneva, as well as VP Chapter Support, for OWIT International
  • 12:15 to 12:30 - Conversation with...
    • Adriana Tortajada, Global Director of Entrepreneurship, Santander Universities Strategies
    • Interviewer: Pino Kyri, president of the Heroikka Association
  • 12:30 to 12:45 - Closing
    • Conclusions: Carla Velayos, Director of Training and Information Division of PROEXCA-Government of the Canary Islands
    • Farewell Speech: Lidia Monzón, President Spain ASEME (Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs)



*USA PST time

MODERATOR: Juan Pablo Nobrega, Journalist

  • 07:00 to 07:15 - Welcome
    • José Segura Clavell, General Director of Casa África
    • Nasara Cabrera Abu, Director General of Economic Affairs with Africa of the Canary Islands Government
    • Blas Acosta Cabrera, President of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura
  • 07:15 to 07:30 - Conversation with...
    • María Cruz Conde, Co-Director at Open Value Foundation
    • Interviewer: Pino Kiry, President of the Heroikka Association
  • 07:30 to 08:00 - Panel: Policies to Empower Women in Africa. African Governments have realized the entrepreneurial potential of their women and have started to launch initiatives to empower them, as well as the launching of partnerships and associations that encourage communities into action.
    • Moderator: Khadi Yahya, Director of Training, Employment and Innovation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Mauritania
    • Mame Coumba Ndiaye, Director of Planning and Studies of AEME (Agency for Energy Saving and Management of Senegal)
    • Zilca Paiva, President of the Cape Verde Tourism Institute of the Ministry of Tourism and Transports of Cape Verde
    • Matchiane Bacar Soueid, Special Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Mauritania
  • 08:00 to 08:30 - Presentation of women entrepreneurs' projects
  • 08:30 to 09:00 - Workshop: Remote Working and Conciliation
    • Nacho Rodríguez, Founder of Repeople
    • Billie Sastre, Co-founder of Mamis Digitales
  • 09:00 to 09:15 - Panel: Funds for women entrepreneurs' projects
    • Moderator: Ana Cárdenes, Head of the Economics and Business Department of Casa África
    • Anna Fumarola, Program Coordinator of the Women for Africa Foundation
    • Gabriel Viloria, Coordinator of Santander Best Africa, Fundación Banco Santander
  • 09:15 to 09:45 - Panel: Successful Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs in Africa. Successful African entrepreneurs, together with investors, will tell us which are the barriers and how they managed to overcome them in order to tackle their businesses successfully.
    • Moderator: Kebone Moloko, Co-founder of Queer Women in Business + Allies
    • Awamary Khan, CEO and Founder of The Woman Boss
    • Dra. Amany Asfour, President of BPW Internacional
    • Adama Paris, Senegalese designer and entrepreneur
    • Alesimo Mwanga, Executive Director of PAWA Africa
  • 09:45 to 09:55 - International Initiatives: Intra-regional Cooperation AFRIMAC 2 in Northwest Africa
    • Manuel Hernández, Fuerteventura’s Minister for Presidency, Treasury and Economic Development
    • Amparo Osorio, Managing Director of Radio Ecca
  • 09:55 to 10:15 . Panel: Gender Indicators and policies in the Multilateral Organizations. The multilateral agencies (World Bank, African Development Bank, IDB,…) have included gender indicators in their procurement and project development policies, which open a new door of opportunities. It will be discussed these measures and how they can benefit professionals and companies led by women.
    • Moderator: Clara Cabrera, Ambassador on Special Mission for Gender Equality in Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation
    • Karla Domínguez, Gender Specialist, Africa Unit, World Bank
    • Mª Teresa Villanueva, Principal Operations Specialist at Gender and Diversity Division at the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank)
    • Sara Hormigo, Head of ICEX's multilateral antenna at the Spanish Trade and Economic Office in Washington DC
    • Clara Arpa, CEO of Arpa
  • 10:15 to 10:30 - Conversation with...
    • Almaz Negash, Director of the African Diaspora in the USA, UN Women Africa
    • Interviewer: Ana Cárdenes, Head of the Economics and Business Area of Casa África
  • 10:30 to 10:40 - Conclusions
    • Carlos David Gutiérrez, AFRIMAC Project Director, Cabildo de Fuerteventura
  • 10:40 to 10:45 - Farewell Speech
    • Mª Teresa Fernández de la Vega, President of the Women for Africa Foundation



*USA PST time

MODERATOR: Daniela Clavijo, Founder of TACK, the first network of senior communication professionals in Mexico

  • 09:00 to 09:15 - Welcome
    • Almudena Estévez Estévez, Vice-Minister of Economy and Internationalisation of the Canary Islands Government
    • María Noel Vaeza, Regional Director, UN Women Latin America
  • 09:15 to 09:30 - Conversation with...
    • Laura Fernández, BBVA Microfinance Foundation
    • Interviewer: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship
  • 09:30 to 10:00 - Panel: Access to Investment. Venture capital, investors and financial institutions will discuss the main obstacles to women’s access to finance and how to tackle them successfully.
    • Moderator: Queila Delgado, Delegate for the Americas of PROEXCA- Government of the Canary Islands
    • Carolina Huaranca, Scout at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Board Member of Latinas in Tech
    • Claudio Andrés Villar Martínez, Development and Services Manager at Fondo Esperanza BBVA in Chile
    • Carmen Correa, Director of Operations at PROMUJER
    • Alicia Castillo Holley, CEO Wealthing VC Club
  • 10:00 to 10:30 - Presentation of women entrepreneurs' projects
  • 10:30 to 11:00 - Workshop: Scalability of the Business Model
    • Cheryl Edison, CEO of Edison International
  • 11:00 to 11:15 - Break: Networking
  • 11:15 to 11:45 - Panel: Strategies for effective international expansion. Successful businesswomen will talk about their experiences in dealing with international markets, as well as which programs, policies and support currently exist.
    • Moderator: Carla Velayos, Director of Training and Information Division at PROEXCA-Government of the Canary Islands
    • Sonia Garza, Vice President of the Mexican Association of Women Business Leaders, México
    • Luz González, Co-Founder of Pretty Busy Club DR, Dominican Republic
    • Aljoscha Zimmermann, Head of Business Development and Country Manager in Lab4U Mexico 
    • Claribeth Navarro, Representative of the company Asoseynekun, Colombia
  • 11:45 to 12:15 - International Initiatives: Business Incubation and Acceleration
    • Moderator: Teresa Pérez del Castillo, National Private Sector Specialist for Uruguay and Regional Coordinator at UN Women Win-Win Programme: Gender equality is good business
    • Fernanda Vicente, President, Women of the Pacific (AWE Chile)
    • Ruth Charlie Castro, Founder and Director of Ms. Powerful and MujeresConDerechos.org
    • Nancy Gallegos, CEO and Founder WomenLAB Mexico DF
  • 12:15 to 12:30 - Conversation with...
    • Diana Chávez, Executive Director of the Regional Centre for Private Sector Support, United Nations Pact
    • Interviewer: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship
  • 12:30 to 12:45 - Closing
    • Conclusions: Roxanna Martinelli, National Private Sector Specialist for Chile at UN Women Win-Win Programme
    • Constanza Boix, partner NudaProp
    • Farewell Speech: Mónica Fumero, Director of the Canary Islands Institute for Equality



*USA PST time

MODERATOR: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship

  • 09:00 to 09:15 - Welcome
    • Emma Marwood, Public Affairs Officer, US Embassy in Spain
    • Karen Kennedy, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Canadian Embassy in Spain
    • Laureano Pérez, Managing Director PROEXCA
  • 09:15 to 09:30 - Conversation with...
    • Rachel Williams, Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at X
    • Interviewer: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship
  • 09:30 to 10:00 - Panel: Community leading entrepreneurship. The critical role of communities in leading and empowering their individuals in entrepreneurship will be discussed. We will have examples of success and how they are interacting with their communities to empower them.
    • Moderator: Karla Chaman, Founder of Ñustas
    • Gabriela ChávezLópez, President of Latina Coalition in Silicon Valley
    • Deldelp Medina, Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders
    • Vanessa Roanhorse, CEO of Roanhorse Consulting LLC
  • 10:00 to 10:30 - Presentation of women entrepreneurs' projects
  • 10:30 to 11:00 - Workshop: Design Thinking for changing times
    • Jessica Pastor, independent consultant in design thinking, Ex IDEO
  • 11:00 to 11:15 - Break: Networking
  • 11:15 to 11:45 - Panel: Rethinking the Investment. Entrepreneurs and investors are experiencing a high degree of uncertainty about where markets will go: Will customers be willing to pay for products and services? What will the investment landscape look like? We need to adapt to take this opportunity to identify new trends such as remote work, digital health, digital commerce, automation, data privacy, alternatives to capital investment and more. Join the conversation.
    • Moderator: Adi Abili, Innovation Consultant at Anheuser-Busch InBev
    • Tom Weedon, Executive coach and consultant
    • Christine Kampiga, Founder of Quantum Impact Investing
    • Suubi Nambwayo, Associate at Oceanic Partners
  • 11:45 to 12:15 - International initiatives
    • CANADÁ: Eugenia Pérez, Commercial Officer, Canadian Embassy in Spain
    • Teresa Alarcos, Founder of W Startup C
    • Sarah Burgaud, COO at StartOut
  • 12:15 to 12:30 - Conversation with...
    • Tara Chklovski, Founder of Technovation Girls and Technovation Families
    • Interviewer: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship
  • 12:30 to 12:45 - Closing
    • Conclusions: Maica Gil, Founder of Heroikka and SF International Women Entrepreneurship
    • Farewell Speech: Carolina Darias, Minister for Territorial Policy and the Civil Service, Government of Spain

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