November 7 - 11



6 pm - 9 pm Mainland Europe

5 PM - 8 PM Canary Islands / UK

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1 pm - 4 pm Buenos Aires, Argentina

11 am – 2 pm Bogota, Colombia

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12 AM - 3 PM Toronto, Canada

9 AM - 12 PM San Francisco, USA

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ASIA & pacific


11:30 AM - 2:30 PM Tehran, Iran

5 PM - 8 PM Seoul, South Korea

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3 PM - 6 PM Cape Verde

4 PM - 7 PM Dakar, Senegal

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* This schedule is subject to change

Time shown in PST

MCPino Kyri, President at Asociación Heroikka

09:00 AM - Welcome
Presents: Loreto Taborga Curto, Territorial Director of Trade and ICEX Delegate in Las Palmas
  • Elisa Carbonell, Managing Director of Business Internationalization at ICEX
  • Nasara Cabrera Abu, General Director of Economic Affairs with Africa of the Government of the Canary Islands
09:10 AM - Talk with...
  • Veronica Sosa, Founder and CEO of Business Fit Magazine, Founder at SHE (Sociedad de Hispanas Emprendedoras)
  • Dña. Natalia Martínez Páramo, Jefa de Unidad de EISMEA, "Instrumentos de apoyo de la de Unión Europea para el fomento de la emprendeduría femenina"
09:35 AM - Panel: Driving Prosperity, equity and community through the entrepreneurial ecosystem
Mod: Ana Bujaldón, President at Fed. Española de Mujeres Directivas, Ejecutivas, Profesionales y Empresarias. CEO en Azul Comunicación
  • Cuca Díaz de la Cuerda, Managing Director at Venta de Aires
  • Cristina Aleixendri, COO & Co-Founder at Bound4blue
10:05 AM - Pitch Session: Women Entrepreneurs’ Projects - Heroikka
  • Tania Fouqué from SPEAK
  • Cora Fassina from MedWomen
  • Loubna Messaoud  BIWOC* Rising
  • Clara LaPiedra, of Aula Magna
  • Ludi Adelino, of WYLSUM

10:30 AM - Break

10:45 AM - Workshop: Make Your Money Matter - Becoming an Angel Investor with As Little As $5,000
by Anne Cocquyt, Founder & CEO at The GUILD | Investor and Advisor to Startups, VC, and Accelerators | Author | Speaker

11:15 AM - Fireside Chat: Diversity and Intersectionality: benefits and challenges in the company
  • Maria Colom, Head of Decentralized PV at ENGIE & President LB Talks
  • Dr. Noelia Mansilla, Senior International Executive of Chemical and Agri industries
11:35 AM - International Initiatives - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Europe
Presenter: MaryAnn Robinson, U.S. State Department - Senior Program Manager (Academy for Women Entrepreneurs)
  • Grace Achieng, Founder and CEO at Gracelandic (Iceland)
  • Tina Markun, Founder at ​​Professional Home Organizing / Konmari Consultancy (Slovenia)
  • Klára Hrdá, Founder at Semenařím se Semínkovnou / Seed saving with Semínkovna (Czech Republic)
  • Agnieszka Wolak-Siekańska, Interior Designer & Home Stager at Agnieszka Wolak-Siekańska Alpha (Poland)
  • Dragana Jovanovska, Business owner at Medena Prikazna (Honey Tale) (Macedonia)
12:00 PM - Fireside Chat: Expanding and growing your customer base
  • Abby Malchow, Sr. Business Development Manager, Small Business Partnerships at Amazon
  • Maica Gil, Founder at Heroikka

12:15 PM - Closing



* This schedule is subject to change

Time shown in PST

MC: Miyuki Kasahara, Creative Producer & Business Marketing Strategist, COO at Kale and Flax

09:00 AM - Welcome
  • Irene Arias Hofman, President at IDB Lab
  • Maica Gil, Founder at Heroikka
09:20 AM - Fireside Chat
  • Karina Ojeda Valle, President at Mujeres Invirtiendo
  • Regina Sierra, Vice President at Southlight Capital

09:40 AM - Fireside Chat
  • Marta Patricia Aparicio, Chairwoman at Keymon Angels
  • Pino Kyri, President at Asociación Heroikka
09:55 AM - Pitch Session: Women Entrepreneurs’ Projects - Heroikka
  • Valeria Duarte of Huellitas Snacks
  • Maria Scaniello of Consultoría MSN
  • Adriana Senior of 500 Agroempresarias
  • Erin Colton Enberg of Proyecto Florecer

10:20 AM - Break

10:30 AM - Workshop: "How to make your business 'Go Digital' from scratch"
by Nancy Salazar, Product Manager @ U CAMP

11:00 AM - Panel: International Initiatives - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) in Cuba
Presenter: Karla Massiel, Business & Brand Mentor
  • Katerine Ocaña, Founder at Katy Ocaña
  • Claudia Bernal, Founder at To Pensao
  • Rosainne Suárez, Founder at El Sitio de
  • Yailin Hernandez, Founder at Say Wao
  • Annia Liz de Armas, Co-director at Lo Llevamos Rizo

11:25 AM - Panel: "Digital presence from our perspective, digital inclusion, social networks and the role of women in this field"

Mod: Rub Díaz, Business Marketing Strategy Founder at Emigrar y Emprender
  • Francisca Mercedes, Founder at Gym Chica
  • Marcia Paola Rodríguez, Consultant and Marketing Coach and Technology / Director at Four Martech
  • Marialeonides Rodríguez Delgado, Coach of women leaders, specialist in migrants and expats
  • Yei Santana, Professional Brand Consultant and Emotional Marketing Specialist

11:45 AM - Panel: “Extreme Collaboration”
Mod: Catherine Aguayo, Director at DIDAXIA
  • Teresa Herrera, Founder at Conecta Mujer
  • Consuelo Fertilio, Founder at Mujeres Ingenieras de Chile
  • Eva Sanchez, Founder and Director at Brújula Profesional

12:10 PM - Closing



* This schedule is subject to change

Time shown in PST

MC: Maica Gil, Founder at Heroikka

09:00 AM - Welcome

09:10 AM - Fireside Chat...
  • Katie Geminder, Co-Founder and Chief of Strategy at Cent
  • Maica Gil, Founder at Heroikka
09:25 AM - Panel: Perspectives on Women Fundraising
Mod: Marsha Guerrier, Founder and CEO at HerSuiteSpot
  • Allison Byers, Founder & CEO, Scroobious
  • Nathalie Wanch, Co-Founder/VP at Cryptominium
  • Dawn Newton, COO at Netki, Inc.
This panel is sponsored by Afissio.

09:55 AM - Pitch Session: Women Entrepreneurs’ Projects - Heroikka

  • Victoria Porter of Just Corpz
  • Mileidy Marques of Proworld Fashion
  • Nathalie Martin of Fighting to End Domestic Economic Abuse
  • Teresa Costa of High Fashion with Compassion

10:25 AM - Break

10:35 AM - Workshop: Early Stage Fundraising Basics: An Overview of Investment Method and Terminology
by Heidi Abdul & Jerry Stephen Smith, Co-Founders of Afissio

This workshop is sponsored by Afissio.

11:05 AM - Panel: Shaping the funding landscape for women
Mod: Catherine Gray, Producer/Author/Podcast Host and Founder at SheANGELinvestors.com
  • Kelly O’Connell, Managing Partner at 360 venture Collective
  • Kelly Ann Winget, Founder at AWP
  • Wendy Ryan, CEO at Kadabra
11:35 AM - Panel: International Initiatives - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) around the world
Presenter: Doreen Chi, U.S. State Department - Program and Partnership Officer (Academy for Women Entrepreneurs)
  • Lamiaa Salah, Founder at TamaKani (Egypt)
  • Mariam Ait Hfid, Founder at TAD'ART (Morocco)
  • Asiya Parveen Mughal, Owner at ACES (Affordable and Clean Energy Solution) (Pakistan)
  • Rita Tage, Founder at Lambu Subu Food and Beverages (India)

12:05 AM - Closing



* This schedule is subject to change

Time shown in PST

MCCheryl (Yi Mei) Leong, Founder at Leading with Consciousness

00:00 AM - Welcome with chat
The power of Shifting
  • Arabella Delucco, Founder & CEO at WeXL.org
  • Erin Lim, Creator/Host/Exec. Producer - Bitch Talk Podcast
  • Angela Tabora, co-host at Bitch Talk Podcast
00:15 AM - Fireside Chat….
  • Cheryl (Yi Mei) Leong, Founder at Leading with Consciousness
  • Dr. Ramesh Ramachandra, Managing Director at Talent Leadership Crucible (TLC) Asia
00:40 AM - Fireside Chat...
  • Joselle Deocampo-Gautam, Board Director, Fintech Strategy - Credit Do
  • Laraine McKinnon, Workplace Strategist - Diversity & Inclusion - Predictive Analytics - Advisor - Silicon Valley Woman of Influence
01:05 AM - Pitch Session: Women Entrepreneurs’ Projects - Heroikka
  • Melissa Tong of Storytelling in Business
  • Amy Li of Dance4Healing
  • Claire Evans of School of Humanity

01:35 AM - Break

01:45 AM - Workshop: The Power of Leading Yourself First
by Sonia Hassey, President at Destiny Women Global. Manager - MBA - Humanist Strategist

02:15 AM - Fireside Chat 
  • Dr. Aparajita Jeedigunta, PhD. Coach, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Author
  • Hoa Ngo, Managing Director at Comensura
02:35 AM - International Initiatives - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) in Asia and the Pacific
Presenter: Amelia Shaw, U.S. State Department - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Team Lead
  • Ciinndey Wong, Founder & CEO at Rhymba Hills Tea (Malaysia)
  • Bonnie Moi Naua, Owner & CEO at Saroni Tailoring Services (Papua New Guinea)
  • Huang Chu-Ying, CEO & Founder at Bamboo Technology Ltd. (Taiwan)
  • Eunice Ying Ci Lo, Owner at Lane Microbakery & Coffee (Brunei)
  • Sirasar Boonma, CEO & Co-Founder at Hear & Found (Thailand)
  • Claire Suzanne Wilson, Director & Owner at Kia Orana Collective (Cook Islands)

03:05 AM - Talk with...
Mahsa Hakimi, Founder of Hakimi Law and San Francisco Art Commissioner

03:20 AM - Closing



* This schedule is subject to change

Time shown in PST

MCDr. Tina Allton, Founder and President at Nations of Women

08:00 AM - Welcome
  • Lola García Martínez, 1st Vice President and Minister of the Presidency, Treasury, Planning, Economic Promotion and Environmental Sustainability of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura
08:10 AM - Fireside Chat...
  • Maria Ángeles León, Co-Founder at Open Value Foundation
  • Maica Gil, Founder at Heroikka
08:25 AM - Panel: Approach to entrepreneurship in Africa from Brussels
Mod: Patricia Tejada, EU Project Officer Finnova.
  • Emilie Lubukay, Strategic Manager and Design Thinker at Woman Entrepreneur Excellence
  • Bouchra Al Mehraj, Entrepreneur and founder at The Urban Women
  • Teresa Agovino, CEO & Co-Founder Faroo, Environmental Engineer, UN Sustainable Tourism Consultant
08:55 AM - Pitch Session: Women Entrepreneurs’ Projects - Heroikka
  • Habiba Juma of Soraya - Nurturing Teen moms and Females
  • Pauline Wamwea of Women of Afrika Weavers
  • Viola H. Cheeseman of Women’s Empowerment Digital Training
  • Mphele Yelane of Ezamazwe Education Center for Innovation
  • Deborah Mogho of Smart Kids Literacy Foundation (Kids Resource Centre)

09:25 AM - Break

09:30 AM - Women StartUp Europe Awards, Special Edition Fuerteventura Final and Winner Announcement

09:50 AM - Panel: AFRIMAC 2. Territorial Cooperation Between Canary Islands and West Africa
Mod: Lola Bordás, Marketing and Strategy Consultant. Founder at Fundadoras and Ágora Bienestar. 
  • Sara Costa MBA, Project Manager at Martínez Abolafio. 
  • Natalia Cediel Contreras, Head of Communication and International Cooperation at Finnova.
10:20AM - Panel: International Initiatives - Academy for Women Entrepreneur (AWE) in Africa
Presenter: Amelia Shaw, U.S. State Department - Academy for Women Entrepreneurs Team Lead
  • Barati Katlholo, Founder at Bar Nor El Kat Industries / Elarwines (Botswana)
  • Komuhendo Violet, Director at Afrika panthera safaris (Uganda)
  • Cerinah Nalwoga Kasirye, Founder & CEO at Trillion Looks Store (Uganda)
  • Kibandou Anapidede Betema, President at SCOOPS BEST CHOICE (Togo)
  • Lightness Ladislaus Salema, CEO at Dream developers ltd (Tanzania)
  • Coumba Sow of Mam'Ange Sénégal (Senegal)
  • Abigaele Amadji, Promoter at GraceLand.Globalspace (Benin)
  • Ndlovu Thubelihle, Founding Director at Portify Investments (Zimbabwe)
  • Monica Chipanta Mwansa, Co-Founder at Diamond Touch Limited (Zambia)

11:00 AM - Closing

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